2detail Ltd recognises as a manufacturer of wood products, that our business has an impact on the environment in terms of waste products generated, use of raw materials and emissions. We accept we have a responsibility to minimize harmful effects arising from our activities and have committed ourselves to protecting our local environment as follows:

As a company we comply with all environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice relevant to the industry sector in which we operate.

We endeavour to minimise the environmental impact of our work and have in place processes, procedures and machinery to reduce noise, dust and waste wherever possible.

We try to ensure that all timber is purchased from FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) registered suppliers and/or sustainable forests to reduce the devastation that can be brought about by over felling.

We use local like minded suppliers wherever possible to maintain a low carbon footprint and regularly service our vehicles to maintain their efficiency.

We re-use cardboard, plastic and other packaging to protect our products during delivery, storage of small tools and ironmongery stock, containers for cleaning paintbrushes etc.

Heating, Lighting and all office equipment are turned off when not in use and overnight.

Minimal materials are kept in stock to avoid unnecessary wastage and ordering and Banking are done on line to avoid paper wastage and associated travel.

Workshop machinery is switched off when not in use and regular maintenance schedules are carried out on all tools and equipment used to avoid emissions.

All containers, chemical and otherwise are disposed of in a controlled manner.

No controlled substances are disposed of via sinks or drains.

All our external timber products are treated to ensure timber longevity.

We are constantly looking to improve our policy and are open to suggestions from clients and employees.